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About Five Roads

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Five Roads (Welsh: Pum Heol) is a hamlet in Carmarthenshire, Wales near the town of Llanelli. It is situated on the B4309 Llanelli to Carmarthen road, about five miles from the former and ten miles from the latter. The name of the village comes from the fact that there are five roads leading off what is known as The Square, the central portion of the village centred around the main road .

The village has two pubs, The Stag, situated centrally on the main road, and the Waun Wyllt 1/4 mile distant in the neighbouring hamlet of Horeb, which abuts Five Roads.

The Stag pub is famous as the meeting place of the Rebecca Rioters who gathered there to plan raids in the 18th Century. Prior to its refurbishment in 2007 the pub operated a two-bar system with the names of the Bar and Lounge reflecting its Rebecca history, being named the Dai'r Cantwr Bar and Shoni Sguborfawr Lounge after two of the ringleaders. A blue plaque was unveiled at the pub in 2008 as part of anniversary celebrations. Five Roads is home to many famous individuals.

The roads which make up the Five Roads are: Rehoboth Road, Horeb Road, Heol Hen, and the entrance and exit of the Main Road, known as Ynys-y-Cwm Road on the Llanelli side and Eclipse Terrace on the Carmarthen side

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